Corporate Governance

Independent Director Audit Compensation Nominating & Governance
Richard Barton Independent Director Audit Nominating & Governance
A. George (Skip) Battle Independent Director Compensation
Timothy Haley Independent Director Compensation
Reed Hastings
Jay Hoag Independent Director Compensation Nominating & Governance
Leslie Kilgore Independent Director Audit
Ann Mather Independent Director Audit
Brad Smith Independent Director Nominating & Governance
Anne Sweeney Independent Director Compensation
= Independent Director = Chairperson = Member = Lead Director



The Company's Lead Independent Director is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the activities of the independent directors, and is authorized to call meetings of the independent directors;
  • Coordinating with the Chief Executive Officer and Corporate Secretary to set the agenda for Board meetings, soliciting and taking into account suggestions from other members of the Board;
  • Chairing executive sessions of the independent directors; providing feedback and perspective to the Chief Executive Officer about discussions among the independent directors; and helping facilitate communication between the Chief Executive Officer and the independent directors;
  • Presiding at Board meetings where the Chair is not present; and,
  • Performing other duties assigned from time to time by the Board.

Governance Documents:

View our corporate governance documents and committee charters

Communications to the Board

"The Board of Directors of Netflix, Inc., makes available this e-mail link to which stockholders may send communications to the Board. Communications intended for specific Directors should be addressed to them in the "re: line" of the e-mail. Communications through this e-mail link are monitored by the Company's General Counsel, who periodically reviews the inbox and forwards messages to members of the Board, as appropriate. Responses to any e-mails will be at the discretion of the copied Board member(s) and/or the General Counsel.

Attendance at Annual Meetings

Members of the Board of Directors are encouraged to attend the Company's Annual Meeting; however, attendance is not mandatory. Attendance at the last Annual Meeting was:

Director Present Absent
Reed Hastings X  
Richard Barton   X
Skip Battle   X
Timothy Haley   X
Jay Hoag X  
Leslie Kilgore   X
Ann Mather   X
Brad Smith   X
Anne Sweeney   X
Susan Rice   X
Rodolphe Belmer   X

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